Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Didn't cry at work today. In fact, didn't cry at all today. First time in a while. Anxiety still scores a 7/10 though.

Work was made easier today by someone else taking the lead. Although I still felt uncertain, it helped hugely not to have all the responsiblity.

Finally saw written proof that I have the consultancy post for this year. Head is not too pleased that the pay only goes for 11 months of the year; I did try to point out (gently!) that in August I will be preparing for my next year of full time teaching at the school (I am employed 0.2 of the week - 1 day - as a consultant). Also, I only work as a consultant in term time. To me it seems fair. In any case, am trying hard to see that as not my problem. Can't really see that the school is being short changed here - they are getting a lot of perks from my consultancy too.

Two more days of the special activities week to do - think I can survive it, but I will be very glad to have it done with.