Friday, 24 October 2008

Made it!

Half term holiday reached; special events week negotiated, am more or less in one piece.

Now for a breather; a chance to take stock, to regroup, refresh. Time to do things left undone - and to leave other things still undone, I suspect!

We are a household full of tired people; looking at the effect of tiredness on those around me helps me to see how some of my recent issues have tiredness at their root. Not all, of course.

And what is this tired person doing this evening? Why, I'm off to the gym of course. Am I mad? Quite possibly!


La-reve said...

Well done, time for a much deserved break take it easy and be kind to yourself.
Lareve x

marcella said...

Hope you come back from the gym nicely physically tired to go with your emotional and mental tiredness, and sleep, sleep, sleep.

CalumCarr said...

Enjoy your break. Our break is almost over.

Mandy said...

Hi C

Hope half term is relaxing for you and you get some time to do things you enjoy

Disillusioned said...

Thank you all.