Friday, 17 October 2008


A horrible, horrible day.
Difficult lessons, didn't do what I wanted to, technology didn't do what it should have.
All bad stuff.

Alcohol is my friend.


Anonymous said...

I'll gladly second that.(saw you posted on Srt Life too) I'm 28 years old and sometimes I feel like i just want to phone a "grown up" or something.
I'm breaking all my rules and heading for the vodka. Hope you are OK

Mandy said...

Hugs from here, C,

Venom is my friend. Sometimes I am so grateful for that savage bitch in me. Gets me through many a savage time in a savage world, where the suck 'you know whats get all the power and glory' - as the song goes "It's a very, very, mad world"

As a non drinker, I will endeavour to smoke 10 extra ciggies in an act of deviant defiance.


Rainbow dreams said...

sending love and hugs C, take care, its now the weekend.. sorry it was such a bad day...
tomorrow is a new one, K

Disillusioned said...

Thanks all.

Roll on half term...

CalumCarr said...

Haven't visited for a while - sorry!

Hang in there, D.

People are thinking of you.

Kathryn said...

Hoping that today has allowed you space and re-creation...I'm sorry I missed this last night. Love and prayers continue xx

MMP said...

that sucks.
may your tomorrows be a little brighter
and your friends a little closer