Tuesday, 9 September 2008


As I type, 81 "hits" here today. That's a record for this blog. Normal traffic is around 24 (not that it matters, you understand. Not that I'm counting!)
OK, so I have to come clean and admit that the vast majority of those hits arrived here through searching for pictures. I must have good taste if nothing else.
At least 10 hits are accounted for by the NHS though. That's a record for my blog too. Interestingly several of those did a search within my blog for "BLPT".

Hope they found helpful reading. Maybe even as helpful as the letter I received from that body.


All visitors are very welcome here. Especially those who stay and read and reply. But I would keep posting into a void, I think. It's become a habit.


Deb Acle said...

Hmmmm - what does it tell us about the NHS when posting about their abysmal 'service' increases your visitors by so many...?

People aren't searching for 'Great NHS' or 'I love the NHS' are they?!

What I find interesting is that I get so many hits from media (e.g. BBC) and NHS departments, particularly when I post something about the NHS Stasi.

I assume that THEY know exactly how crap their service is, the media knows how crap the NHS and yet it's all kept under wraps.

I get a bit irritated when I see some NHS IT or management wallah has been reading my blog for 23 mins ...on OUR tax money...instead of doing something to actually imporve the NHS.

Lareve said...

Well perhaps you should see those extra visitors as a bit of a two fingers up to BLPT ( a deserved one by sound of previous posts). Hoping things are going well at work for you. How are things with your new counselor?

Silvawingz said...

I check out your blog. NHS is crap I know I work for it. No excuses. I will keep reading your blog -

Catherine said...

I know what you mean about posting. When I turned off comments a few weeks ago I surprised myself about how willing I was to keep writing, even if the only "audience" was myself.

When I was growing up I never kept a journal or diary, but now I have kept once since 2001 or 2002 (first LJ and now here) -- a record for me!

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hallo D

So you are getting alot of hits from BLPT.

Want to share with you that I have a meeting with one of their directors and the head of the Emergency Duty Team next Monday. Will let you know how it goes. I expect very little from them but am going to say my piece and it is not a small piece.

Hope all is good with you. School's are back after hols, how is that going?


Disillusioned said...

Hi all - thanks for the comments...

deb - it's interesting, isn't it? I find it intriguing that there is so obviously a message going round BLPT about my blog - resulting in lots of visitors here. Following yesterday's post, only one visit today - which strongly suggests to me that people have been "warned off".

lareve - I think I agree about the two fingers. It's flattery in a way that they take my views seriously in cyberspace, even if they do their best to ignore me in reality. Work is going OK (bit of stress in the staffroom, but good in the classroom); counselling is going great, thanks for asking. May well post about the latter this evening.

silva - thanks; i keep reading yours too. I don't lump all nhs employees together ; I have come across some really good ones, even in BLPT.

catherine - yes, this is a kind of journal for me. I have a private one too - which is a release, an uncensored space where all posts are private.

mandy - good to see you back. school is going well, ty. Am on a real up at the moment, and starting to say no, and stand up for myself (which some people find difficult!) Look forward to hearing about your meeting.

Deb Acle said...

Forgive me, what does BLPT stand for?

It's utterly bizarre how they snoop around in cyberspace, obviously taking notice, but in 'reality' you're nothing but a turd to them. I think THIS is crazy, mentally ill.

Disillusioned said...

BLPT = Bedfordshire and Luton Partnership Trust - my local mental health trust.

I agree - bizarre.

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

"in 'reality' you're nothing but a turd to them"

That is the truest statement I have read about mental health trusts ever!

Deb Acle said...

...and they say they're working to destroy stigma. THEY are the stigma! They create it. They obviously believe in it: the way they treat patients and each other is evidence enough.

Disillusioned said...

Yes, deb. Particularly true of management, in my experience; I've come across some excellent front line workers, but very few in management seem to have compassion or concern for the people who need services.