Monday, 22 September 2008

BLPT September agenda

This is online.

You won't find it through BLPT's website though, because (once again) the link is incorrect.
The correct link is here.

There's no mention that I can find of the recent HCC survey results in any of the documents.

There is mention of departures from the Trust Board.

There is a lot on organisational issues, such as reorganisation of responsibilities following the departure of the CEO.

Not a lot about"service users" though....


Mandy said...

A wee tale to share with you.

During the meeting with the Director and head of Emergency Duty Team, the Director assured me that BLPT had sent my blood test results (on several occasions) to my GP.

Their complaints manager asked, in light of what the Director had said, if I still wanted to complain about them not getting the tests to me.

I went off and had a thought about this and decided that I would take up a formal complaint with my GP but needed the dates when the test results were sent from the Trust to the GP's in order to do this formally and correctly.

Let us see what comes of this eh?

Because I can't help thinking that there is some buck passing going on.

I have been told the dates will be provided to me, along with the minutes of the meeting.

I await with interest.

Mandy said...

So Paul Mullin is leaving. know when I first met him, I thought he was a decent guy.

Perhaps the cogs got to him too...cos over the last year communications from him to me have been wide off the mark of what I was actually asking for and I often struggled to work out exactly what they meant.

Somewhere beneath my septic view of MH services I still think there could be a decent bloke in Paul Mullin (struggling to get out). Then again, I have recently been accused of being far too soft!!!

Certainly, this last year he did me no favours. Then again he is paid to manage not bother himself with lesser oiks.

Disillusioned said...

Hope you get some answers, Mandy.

The temporary CEO they are bringing in (according to the Beds on Sunday) has a record of listening to service users.
My experience of communications with BLPT matches yours in terms of being wide of the mark. Hopefully things will change...