Friday, 19 September 2008


When the darkness returns
the first thing you hear
is its shallow sighs outside your safe place.
You know you have heard them before
But shrug it off
as a meaningless coincidence.
The shadows grow longer as dark's breaths become deeper
shuddering now in imminent threat.
You deny the memory
Pretend it is not there.
Now you hear its gasps and moans
and they scare you, petrify you.
Rooted to the spot you stand
afraid to move as its stinking air envelopes you.
Now you cannot ignore
Only berate yourself for not fleeing
while you had the chance.
You are caught in its trap
Waiting for something, someone
Anything, anyone
To break the moment with a
of light.


Silvawingz said...

I hope you are OK - Thinking of you

Disillusioned said...

thanks silvawingz.

Am just unsettled, fearful, tired at the moment. At least, I hope that is all it is.