Friday, 8 August 2008


I had a much bettter night last night - the Temazepam really worked. Unfortunately I woke at 5am; was nearly off again when hubby's travel alarm clock went off at 6am (he thought he had turned it off). Ah well.

Not so good is that I have a horrendous cold today and am feeling grim with that. Have been dosing myself up and taking it easy all day. It all adds to everything else.


Deb said...

So glad the med helps to sleep. However, up at 5 am doesn't do you any good. I know ;)

Silvawingz said...

My GP won't give me sleeping pills as I am "high risk" - Wouldn't mind some quality sleep.

Disillusioned said...

thanks, deb.

Silva, my GP wouldn't prescribe me anything stronger / more addictive / more dangerous - I was "lucky" to find the leftover tablets. Have to try not to use them tonight, I suppose - will use the milder ones that i have been prescribed this week. But at least i know I have the temazepam (from 2004!) if I need them.
Hope you manage to find a way of sleeping.

Rainbow dreams said...

am pleased you got sleep - hoe the cold goes as fast as it arrived.
will catch up soon, Katie, x

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

Sleep is mega important. Has to be understatement of the day.

Am reading what Silva says about their GP and not prescribing in "high risk" situations. Think I might have the same problem tomorrow as my care co-ordinator wants me to start taking sleeping tablets, which she wants my GP to prescibe. Anyway, that may prove to be one of them red herrings if I go into the unit.

Hope you get more quality sleep in. In fact, hope we all do and that your cold eases soon too


MMP said...

hope the weekend's gone well

Disillusioned said...

MMP - not too bad thannks, though this cold has dampened my enjoyment somewhat.

Katie - thanks. Cold is still hanging on, but better today (Monday) thank goodness.

Mandy - Hope you have managed to get much needed appt with GP. Mine is happy to prescribe me Zopiclone, which is usually fairly effective. Hopefullly yours will do similarly.