Sunday, 10 August 2008

Bleh cough splutter hiding

In a bit of a hibernation stage again.

Still struggling with a cold (or possibly flu, given the temperature, aches, etc). Not managing to be very physically active right now - or even mentally so!

On the other hand I did go to a sewing day yesterday. Nearly came home again, but dosed myself up fully and survived and enjoyed. Haven't yet found the energy to take phones of the three bags I made, but was very pleased with all of them.

Am also enjoying the Olympic gymnastics coverage. Have planned more lessons, with lots and lots of associated resources. Questioning a bit whether the time input is worth it, but I think the lessons will be fun to teach. It's a bit of a payoff situation - the class I will be teaching (in fact the whole year group) has a heck of a reputation for being difficult so I am trying to stack things in my favour by putting in as much interest and structure as possible, with a massive range of different activities. It should make the lessons (and the marking) easier, but it does mean a massive time commitment on planning. Admittedly I have been watching TV while planning, but have spent the whole afternoon on this and have got 5 lessons and associated resources done. Hmmmm. But then, if I had spent more time doing and less watching TV and chatting to my family I might have got more done - but also had less fun!


Eileen said...

I hope that you are feeling better. I also hope that sleep is coming for you, especially consistently.
Have a good week.

Disillusioned said...

Thank you Eileen, and thanks for coming by. Sleep is still not good - thank heavens it is the holidays and I don't have to teach. Am hoping that once I shift this cold things will improve somewhat in that area. Then I will be able to exercise as well - something which has slipped recently.