Friday, 22 August 2008

Productive day

I woke up this morning determined that today I was going to paint the kitchen. I bought the paint 6 months ago, have intended to do it for ages, but never got round to it.

Well, today I did. I cleaned everything, did the skirting board and door frame, and then the walls. Lots of pulling out fridge/freezer, washing machine etc. Lots of standing on the kitchen table (!) A bit of panic when I realised that I had bought 2 tins of different colours (!) and wasn't sure I had enough of the colour I had painted most of the kitchen in - and that particular paint has been discontinued! But I did have enough. Slightly disconcerted to find that the second tine was blue when I intended to paint the kitchen green - and yes, I used the blue instead. Ah well. It's all done and is a massive improvement - lifts my spirits to stand in it. Am determined to repaint more of the house, probably the hall and stairs next because they look the most dingy, but the bathroom is another candidate (it also needs a new floor covering due to the amount of water the girls have splashed around!)

I have to say I am both physically and mentally exhausted now.


Silvawingz said...

Well done on your productive day - I had a similar one myself. Also well done to E on her exam results

Disillusioned said...

Thank you silva - and well done to you too!