Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Problems accessing care

Not me (I hope) this time - I have to wait to see what I can be offered as far as the counselling support I need goes. But Mandy is having a very difficult time trying to get support for herself and her Dad. Same trust as me, and some of the problems she is encountering sound familiar. Bad stuff.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Thanks C

I have had an e:mail (today) from the Trust Director I had been in contact with. She is now organising, via her PA, a meeting with me when she gets back from her holiday. That may prove fruitful. One has to keep trying.

As for what I do in the here and now. I take sedatives and survive as best I can.

Your support and empathy helps


Rainbow dreams said...

grrrr thats not good, thoughts sent Mandy's way

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Thanks Rainbow Dreams

By the way I like your title. :>

Disillusioned said...

Glad if it helps, Mandy.

Thanks, Katie.