Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Fun quiz

I took this quiz today - OK, I was bored. Could I survive an alien invasion?
My results:

Um, yeah. You're slightly doomed.You have correctly answered 4 of 10 questions.
On average, 1104 of users who took the quiz gave 4.1 right answers.

Oh well. No surprises there then!


Seratonin said...

Ok cos I like quizzes I also did it.I came off worse than you with just three correct answers.So looks as if we're both dooooooommmmed !!

Catherine said...

I only got 2 correct. In case of alien invasion, sucks to be me.

MMP said...


this is nutz, why would a quiz about aliens give me a boost?
but it has!
thank you so very much.

have a truly horrible day today and this has made me laugh and smile.

bless u

Disillusioned said...

OK, so in the case of an alien invasion, everyone head round to MMP's place and follow her lead!

Glad you had fun with this.

The Shrink said...

"You might last - at least for a little while.

You have correctly answered 5 of 10 questions