Sunday, 3 August 2008

Doctor rating site

I have tried several times to post a (positive) review of my Gp at this new site. Although I am unsure about how I feel about the mere existence of the site, I did want to post how good my GP has been. I have had nothing but problems. First I couldn't add my GP. Then he was added but I couldn't post a review - there was some kind of circular link which took me back to the home page without allowing me to review him. I used the contact link - and got the most irritating pro-forma email back which had nothing at all to do with my problem. I replied to that and got an email a week later (today_ to say the problem had been sorted out. So I gave it a final try - and no, I still cannot post a favourable review of my GP; apparently I have posted too many reviews already. Chance would be a fine thing!

I get fairly irritated about websites which don't work - especially as basically as this. Testing is a vital part of development!


So, if you want my advice, don't bother with the site (which I am not going to name here - i don't see why I should give it any publicity!) Mind you, it probably works for everyone else!


marcella said...

Nope doesn't work for me either. And now when I google it all i get is the blogs that were so angry about it in the first place and a piece about lawyers - perhaps it is about to be taken down.

Disillusioned said...

Ah well - at least it isn't just me. The site is still up, but my attempts to post a review seem futile. Seems like a waste of time just now. Ho hum.