Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Independent Assessment of BLPT

In the Chief Executive's report to the board in June was this document. Among its declarations concerning "an independent assessment of our corporate and key clinical governance arrangements" (closely connected, of course, with the application for Foundation Trust status) was this:

We’d specifically welcome focus on:

a. Our internal systems for identifying, reporting, investigating, taking action and learning the lessons from (Serious) Untoward Incidents;
b. Our Child Protection arrangements, internally and with key stakeholders ie LA’s and PCTs.
c. Our CPA arrangements, from policy into practice ( a sample);
In relation to these arrangements, it is crucial to seek evidence that the care planning process is both person centred and evidence based. Some review of carer input is also required.
d. Our SoVA arrangements – internally and with key stakeholders ie LA’s and PCTs.
e. Our systems for mandatory training and supervision.

All very good. However, the results will only be presented at a Closed Board meeting. It looks like they will not be made available to the rest of us, though they will be "shared with local partners and the EoE SHA."

So I won't be able to post here about this external assessment of the performance of BLPT.

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