Saturday, 28 June 2008

Mission accomplished!

Took the girls into town and had a very successful trip. Got H her dress for her "valedictory ball"(!) plus some new sandals to match. Also topped up her phone for her. E ended up with some new jeans, a bag and necklace for her Prom, and a new phone. The phone is because I was entitled to an upgrade on mine but do not really want a new phone at the moment, whereas E really does need one, hers being three years old and a bit of a brick. I found a new dress for work for myself. I managed to book a hairdresser appointment for E on the day of her prom, and one for me in a couple of weeks - I really need a haircut! We also put in a trip to the library and had lunch out - oh, and got some materials for the end of year exhibition which H is participating in at the end of the term. Hopefully it will all work out well. I do feel a sense of relief at the achievement. Now I just need to buy a present for a friend's birthday - she has told me what she would like and I believe I can order them online, so that is what I plan to do today or tomorrow.

Have just watered the garden and fed the fish; am now going to chill out with some genealogy.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

Well, what a difference a day makes eh?

From you wee wobble yesterday to the activities of today..all looking very positive. Nice one :>)

Was more card making for me and a walk to local shop and back by myself. Other stuff to add to blog at some point.

like you, am chillin' now.

Hope your tomorrow is a good one for you too.

Rainbow dreams said...

oh my goodness... what a lot you managed to do.. puts us to shame! Well done and well deserved chill out time, x

Disillusioned said...

Mandy, thanks. Am still wobbling at intervals - expecially after today's latest computer crisis. But OK ish I think. Three weeks of term to survive now.

Katie - thank you too. I did have a bit of a chill.