Tuesday, 3 June 2008

BLPT Serious Untoward Incidents

From the Performance Report:

7 SUIs were reported to the PCTs and Strategic Health Authority (SHA) in April 2008. 5 SUIs were of unexpected death in the community (4 reported by WAMH Bedford and 1 by WAMH Luton). 3 of the 5 community deaths were reported by drug and alcohol services (2 from Healthlink and 1 from LDASS). The other 2 deaths were reported by community mental health teams. So, during April there were 5 unexpected deaths of service users in the community.

A frightening number. I'm well aware that service users are, by their nature, more prone to sudden deaths. However, I hope the investigations of these particular deaths will be thoroughly and impartially investigated. I am worried (given my own experience) that some service users in need of support might not have received it, for a variety of reasons.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

In October/November 2006 there were 2 serious untoward incidents (suicides) of people in the care of South Beds Mental Health Team.

One gentleman slipt through the nets. The CMHT refused to deal with him and the Police let him go. He jumped off a car park.

A lady, who was in acute care, was rushed to the general hospital where she died. Having attempted to take her life whilst in acture care.

The view of the one of the senior managers was the one of those patients had a history of suicide attempts to it was not a surprise. The Trust refused to comment about the other person's death claiming they were protecting the family!!!!!!!!

If i have heard right, the family are now suing the Trust for neglect.

My daughter's step mum's best friend was stabbed at a South Beds Care Home for the mentally ill....she was a care worker who had raise concerns with her manager about the person who killed her. Saying their behaviour was frightening to her. The manager took no action.

I am no expert on what is acceptable but in my lay person's view non of these deaths were acceptable and could have been avoided.

As I mood swing in and around my illness, I am petrified to think I could end up dead because nobody wants to help. Nobody on high seems to give a damn. It certainly comes across that way to me.

Disillusioned said...

Hoping you get the help you need and deserve, Mandy.

MMP said...

In that case I pray that Any service users in need of support Might receive it.

don't start me...
I can rant for England on this topic and it's all*so*avoidable

take hope and kindness away from people and ( on a bad day) it can seem like there's nothing left...

open hearts and hands & hold hope
...and there's a very good chance we can all live to see another day