Saturday, 31 May 2008

More shopping!

This time with H. We managed to get her some clothes ready for her outdoor activities course next weekend, plus new trainers, a couple of tops and a book. I got myself some red spotty shoes (!) from Primark. Also took in a trip to the library where I found some books with photos / pictures of flowers, ready for some more fabric postcards. So, all in all, a good trip. Of course, I am now totally shopped out - two days on the run!
Now I'm off to write more reports.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...


Glad H got her clothes for next week and hope she enjoys her trip.

Am sedated so need to go back and re-read rest of your posting. Better than ripping wall paper with bare knuckles.


Rainbow dreams said...

all the best with report writing - well done on another day shopping :)

Catherine said...

Would you ever be able to join together these fabric postcards to make a quilt or the like?

MMP said...

quick "hello" from me- just busy and unable to get onto my blog....

MMP said...

LOVE this post should be able to augment your income?

Disillusioned said...

Katie, I finished my reports tonight. Whoopee!

Catherine - I don't think I would join these together to make a quilt - they are nice to send through the mail though. Not sure what people who receive them do with them, though I have had some nice comments from those I have sent them to.

MMP - I hadn't thought of selling them. To be honest, I send them out almost as quickly as I make them! But if I do build up a stock, maybe I will think about selling some - the extra income would be welcome.