Thursday, 29 May 2008

A mixed up day!

I thought, this morning, that I had a good handle on what was happening today. Well, I did - but as the day went on everything seemed subject to change, including the weather! The day began bright and sunny - it's now wet and gloomy.
I had to take my elder daughter to her friend's house (15 miles away) for a shopping trip to MK. Then I originally had a gym class planned, but changed that plan in the morning when my husband told me he had a meeting - leaving H on her own for 2 hours plus felt a bit unfair, even though I knew she would be fine. However, when I returned home with H (after buying her a new rug for her room, to celebrate its new tidy state and to cover the stain on the carpet!), W was home - the meeting was postponed till the afternoon. So off I went to the gym.
In the afternoon I had an appointment with D, my therapist. Except that I had a phone call to say it had to be postponed as D had gone home ill. Actually, what was really positive about this was that I didn't go into a flat spin and feel scared and abandoned. That was a big step forward for me, especially as we were due to look at some stuff on endings. Hope D is better soon though.
W is playing his first "gig" tonight (he and a mate, W has written ths songs, both are singing and playing guitar, folk / blues type stuff). His brother arrived unexpectedly early, with two of his children. H was very pleased to see the cousin nearest in age to herself. W arrived home soon afterwards, and then I had to do the return trip to collect E from her shopping trip. However, a phone call while I ws en route informed me that she would be late. She was - half an hour late. Which made tea a bit of a rush. However, W, his brother and oldest nephew have now left to set up the gig; I will follow on in about an hour with the three girls. Hopefully all will go smoothly.
I managed to get a few reports written. Tomorrow is set aside for E and I to take a shopping trip to find her prom dress. If there is time after that I must make a more determined onslaught on the reports - and the marking - and the planning! Saturday I need to take a trip into town with H to buy her some new clothes for her residential school trip in a couple of weeks - adn more reports. Somewhere in that I want to find time to enjoy my latest Amazon purchases - a book about making fabric postcards, and the DVD of the Osmonds 50th anniversary concert!
It's been a day of changes. I don't "do" changes well - but I am quite pleased that I have coped OK with the changes today.


Kathryn said...

Hope the gig goes well. It sounds to me as if you have coped staggeringly well with a day of constant adjustments. Bravo!

Disillusioned said...

Thank you Kathryn. It did go well. Really enjoyed many of W's songs - it was very different hearing them "performed" to hearning them around the house.

Rainbow dreams said...

well done - some days seem to be destined to turn out like that no matter how we plan!
Pleased the gig went well

Calum said...

I think you did really well. That degree of change would have many in trouble.

Disillusioned said...

Thanks, Katie and Calum. Yes, it was "one of them days"!

Hopefully today will be a little less changeable - am off to MK to choose a prom dress for E!