Friday, 16 May 2008

Job vacancy

I'm interested to see that BLPT are advertising for a "Complaints and PALS Manager". So interested that I read the job description. (No, I'm not thinking of applying - I wouldn't work for an organisation I don't believe in any more than I would sign up to become a member of it). the job description lists, in its "essential" requirements:

Sound knowledge of the PALS/Complaints procedures, Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts, and incorporate these as and when required

Ability to write high quality letters of response to complainants on behalf of the Chief Executive

To effectively communicate with staff from the Health Care Commission and provide information to them in a timely manner.

Undertake the design and implementation of specifically commissioned surveys of the users of the Trust’s services; analyse, disseminate and follow up the findings.

To have a person who can and does fulfil all of these would be a good thing and a big improvement, in my opinion.

Not sure if it means BLPT have come to an agreement with me that the workload does not suggest that two people are needed for this department. But it looks like they are only looking for one person.

Interesting. I think so, at least.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

By setting up this new position are BLPT acknowledging that what they already have in place isn't working?

If so, there is hope for them yet!

If it is just political correctness ending in another layer of bureaucracy, well those who bother to make complaints may find themselves waiting months as deadline after deadline passes them by.

Will be interesting to see if the new post and person who fills it does make making complaints and getting responses better for service users.

marcella said...

It does seem a step in the right direction anyway. There are quite a few job adverts from our Trust about at the moment. Things DO seem to be getting a little better for both patients and staff at least in terms of undoing some of the damage of the cuts (whoops, sorry, service improvements) of the last few years.

Disillusioned said...

Mandy - I'd love to believe what you suggest, but I have my doubts! So much depends on who is appointed.

Marcella - again, I'd love to be optimistic. Being optimistic about this Trust is rather difficult, though, given previous experiences! Not sure yet whether this is a step in the right direction or another service cut. I do believe they need some new staff in PALs and Complaints though.

MMP said...

well the job advert "clearly shows" that they are "aiming for" the right "outcome" it hits the "targets set" for the trusts "continuing improvement"...
"la la la"...............

Disillusioned said...

lol mmp.

I'm sure you are right - and I love the way you phrase it, too!