Friday, 23 May 2008


It's half term. Thank goodness! Although, as a colleague commented today, this half term has shot by, partly because so much has been crammed into it. We've had the dreaded SATs for our Y6 pupils, plus assessments for all other pupils. There have been sports fixtures aplenty, a "Fun Run" (misnomer!), visitors galore and lesson observations. We've taken pupils on trips to local places and had theatre groups in to perform to them. Transfer arrangements (both to and from us) are in hand. Reports are underway (I even managed to start writing mine today!) It's been busy!

Half term - for me at least - looks much the same way, The girls have social commitments throughout the week. I am taking a group of pupils to The Globe, to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, on Tuesday. I have appointments, and I need to arrange for the car to have a new exhaust fitted. Plus have just had a recall letter telling me that there is a danger the car might spontaneously ignite so it needs servicing as a matter of priority. Since I doubt a courtesy car will be provided, I need to factor that in. And there is the major shopping expedition to buy a prom dress for E. In between all that i want to do some relaxation and recuperation and I ahve to do some planning, marking and report writing - ugh!

Ho hum - all carries on as chaotically as ever, then!


Catherine said...

I know that you will be in the classroom while I am on summer vacation, but I am still jealous that you have a week holiday! Ah, just to make it a bit longer . . .

Disillusioned said...

Catherine - you can feel jealous, but I have to keep on teaching till the end of July, whereas I guess you finish in a couple of weeks... Still, half term break is always very welcome!