Friday, 9 May 2008

A bit of a week

It's been a mad dash chaotic overloaded week. The pressure doesn't look like easing imminently, with SATs for our Year 6 pupils (on which we will be judged), reports to write, assessments to mark, liason meeting and all the other day to day school stuff. Then there is a course I am attending on Wednesday (which is good, and which will be useful, but which necessitates leaving lessons planned for others to teach - often harder to do than to teach the lesson myself. I have an appointment in connection with my experiences of being in crisis (some research BLPT psychology department are carrying out - that department have treated me well and so I am glad to help if I can); an appointment with my psychiatrist and E's last day at school (scarily she will be on study leave from Thursday!) And on Sunday I have my singing day! Lots of good things, but it does feel rather overloaded.

This week I have been trying out new technology - voting pads. It has gone OK, but has been stressful at times as is the way of technology. I've set - and partially marked - three Maths assessment papers (old KS3 papers). I've set (and not marked) one set of English writing papers. I've written online learning resources, negotiated attendance on courses, tried to soothe ruffled feathers and endeavoured to maintain good relationships with some tricky colleagues. I've also taken a long time to complete the latest three postcards. Hopefully I can be more productive in that area next week - making them is good for me.

And I have struggled with hayfever and lack of sleep. Stopping the antihistamines seems to have reduced (slightly) the exhaustion in the evenings, but waking at 5am every morning is not conducive to high energy levels. That needs to change - I can't keep this up. Sleeping tablet is promised to myself tonight, because hopefully it will enable me to doze off again.

Oh, and as far as the HCC commission goes, I have had no word for them about whether they have received my records. I suspect no news is NOT good news in this case. But anything is possible, I suppose...


Rainbow dreams said...

a lot happening - but I'm plesed you have a day to enjoy on Sunday - hope it is good...
It's good to be back and catching up again
Love and hugs

Disillusioned said...

Good to see you here again Katie. thank you.