Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Things are not always as you see them

Like a swan gliding along on the water, there is often much frantic paddling going on beneath the surface. The swan works hard to achieve the illusion of serenity and power.

We see through our own filters. We need to remove our glasses from time to time to see the richness and contrast - not just see it in terms of our own preferred colours.

Looking through the wrong end of binoculars gives us a perception which suggests depth - but without the bigger picture it is meaningless.

And the picture changes over time. People who appeared supportive and understanding, even friendly, can choose to withdraw that connection. They can change the opinion of others - or choose to support the status quo. It's important to compare the present with the past in order to fully understand the current situation.


MMP said...

..and when we see a swan we comment on it's grace and its beauty
well i do

most people don't even give a passing thought to that paddling, just the white gliding.

But paddle away they do, oh yes they do and sometimes that neck holds eyes that glaze over at what it sees.

glide on C
all that most people need to see is the gliding!

MMP said...

there's time enough for disecting the paddling behind closed doors or with trusted friends


Disillusioned said...

Thank you mmp.

Rainbow dreams said...
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Rainbow dreams said...

hugs and love from me.
Some people do change, but there will be some who stay with you...
true friends.

The others may offer what they can at a time and it's good to take that when it is on offer, but being wise to the fact that they are not always friends ( am talking those paid to help us) and they have a different role...I don't think that is right, or how it should be, but I do think it probably is how it is... there is too much covering of backs and looking out for themselves to always be able to honour their true feelings... sorry, am in a cynical frame of mind...

and I should proof read my comments first! sorry, xx

Disillusioned said...

Thank you, Katie. Your comments tie in so much with my own thoughts tonight.

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Talking of people not always being as you see them, my care co-ordinator (who didn't have time for me yesterday) didn't come good with the verbal assurance she gave me that she would ring me this afternoon.

Granted I had to go to town for an hour but my daughter was home and said the phone didn't ring at all.

So, guess what, the care co-ordinator lied. And I thought she was alright.

As another friend said to me what we have is a 'fantasy island virtual MH service'. I have to agree with that, much as I wish it was otherwise.

Disillusioned said...

So sorry, M. Not surprised, but sorry. So much seems to depend on the team one is allocated to - and probably to the individual within the team as well.

Hoping for a calm evening for you.