Thursday, 27 March 2008

Book Crossing again

Well, I have worked out the system. Here's how I have progressed so far today...

H was already in the process of clearing her room. I mentioned the site to both girls earlier today, and H asked if I thought she could use some books she has outgrown and doesn't want to keep for sentimental purposes. Anything to encourage H not to hold on to every possession she has ever had, so I of course agreed. She has brought me about 40 books so far...

First I read what to do - and, after some searchig on the site, found some pre-made, free labels to print off. I printed those - some small ones for the cover (to advertise that these are free books seeking a home) and some larger more explanatory ones for inside, with space for the reference number. Then I began registering the books. Very easy, using the ISBN number. Each book is given its own unique number and this is written on the label. Then I have to decide when and where to leave them. Having done that, you go to your "bookshelf" on the site and click on Make release notes. You can then say where you left the book - and then you wait for someone to find it! Hopefully they then enter the reference number and a comment - but if not, ah well!

So I'm thinking of suitable places to leave books. Cafes. coffee shops and restaurants are a start, I think. Am also considering the doctor's surgery, and maybe even the gym. I'm not planning to drop them all at once, just a few at a time - more fun that way, I think. Any other suggestons for good drop off points - I'm willing to hear them. Also if any of you have done this, or plan to, I'd be interested in that too.

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