Thursday, 20 March 2008

Baby steps

W reported back to me on his meeting with H's head of year (and also one of our Assistant Heads). Their joint presence suggests they (at last) realise how serious this is getting.

W felt it was a lot of flannel, but on talking about it we were able to identify some positives. We have been assured they are taking it seriously. H is going to record all the incidents with the pupil who has been bullying her (had a good one today - said pupil had changed her msn screen name to an insult naming H- now have a screen shot, ready to send in). Teachers are to be reminded not to let other pupil sit next to H. H has been assured she does not have to give the other pupil a "fresh start" after Easter (which was the first message she understood, on Tuesday). And the head of year referred to the chaos over H's school colours, apologising to W for the way it had been handled, stating that H lacking confidence was not grounds for refusing those colours(as I said) and stating that he was going to apologise to me. (The cynic in me wonders why he apologised to W first rather than me, but there you go...) He did make a comment that he had removed the original list because he was afraid I might approach the staff who had objected to H's colours directly; W responded that if he thought I would do that he "vastly underestimated my professionalism" - which is true. Point proved by the fact that I am 99% certain who did object, and have said NOTHING to them about it.

There's a lack of consideration for fellow colleagues in management at my work place, I have decided. We just don't count.

Saw one of the female GPs at my practice tonight. Was able to tell her about some recent issues. She's actually the wife of "my" GP - the one I usually see. She was lovely, had some good suggestions, seemed concerned about me and about helping me to cope.


MMP said...

Well, W's response was FANTASTIC!

Disillusioned said...

yes, I think it was too.
Apparently they were "a bit surprised" and didn't seem to know what to say.

MMP said...

Nothing like a bit of nonplusedness...crumbs,this word doesn't exist does it?!

Caroline said...

am a bit lost in the detail - what are school colours??? - but the overall impression is that you have held on to your safety brillinatly and strongly and that even W came out fighting for you...that sounds like progress from here. well done - have a good rest over the holiday, enjoy being with the girls (and W?) and try to be proud - you deserve to.

love and hugs

Rainbow dreams said...

All sounds good... am pleased W going worked out so well. Enjoy the break now, love from me, x

Disillusioned said...

mmp - it may not exist, but it's a good word!
Caroline - school colours are the highest award our school gives, to the "role model" pupils in the top year group. They are awarded at 3 points in the year. I think it is all progress. I hope so.
Katie - thank you. Am trying to plan in "me time" activities.