Monday, 4 February 2008

A "stupid" week

It really looks like being one of those from where I stand.

On top of a normal teaching load with its associated preparation, delivery and marking, this week I have parents' evenings on Tuesday and Thursday and a Year Team meeting on Wednesday. To add to that I have about 170 pupil reports to write (due to be completed by the day we return from the half term break - I managed to complete one set over the weekend), a similar number of assessments (most of which I need to do before writing the reports), and materials to start creating for the learning platform we are in the process of setting up.

In all of this I really need to build in the self care stuff. Tonight I have a massage booked. If I can just keep my eyes open long enough to get there, that is... I recognise I am feeling overtired and overstretched. I am struggling to keep a realistic perspective on various things. I'm fighting against reading into situations things which I possibly shouldn't read into them. I'm not ready for that battle again and I won't go there.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

From here, it looks like you have handled things brilliantly.

Just reading what you have been doing and what is to come gives me a nose bleed.

Sometimes, I am so busy doing myself down that I forget the things I do cope with and do well at. As for the things that I do okay in, they are never clocked. I think you should go "Yeeha" for doing all you have.

And you should be rewarded with the massage. You have well earnt it. Hope it makes you feel good. No, make that great


Disillusioned said...

Thank you, Mandy.

You're right - I too forget the things I am doing OK with. I'm trying to remember that more often. Maybe I need to make alist of the things I have achieved today as well as those things which still need doing. I'll think on that one... it's something I find really hard to do, something I find quite threatening and difficult.

The massage was great. Boy are my shoulders and neck tense, though! And, of course, the trouble is once you relax one area everything else lets go - tends to lead to some emotion, in my experience.

Ah well - off to mark some more work!

MMP said...

your persistance in carrying on at your present employment is amazing.
utterly amazing.
you must have stickability in your water or something!

Disillusioned said...

Thanks, mmp.

Stickability? Or just bloody-mindedness? Some might argue about that.