Saturday, 2 February 2008

The Lady Vanishes: Chris Leslie and Nigel Stonier

I've seen the trick performed but not one so rare
She's finery in motion with ease and savoire-faire
But when that name is mentioned, when her guard is down
Her gaze will drop so sharply and her heart begin to pound

In a fleeting moment the watchful eye discerns
The lady vanishes, the child returns

Her conversation dances, her jewels and trickets gleam
She walks in grace and laughter as one who treads a dream
What ghost or broken remnant is it that clouds her face
And puts a frightened stranger there helpless in her place?

In a fleeting moment; a torch that always burns
The lady vanishes, the child returns.

Is it a strange expression that rises and is gone
Deep fear comes into her eyes like clouds across the sun
Mysterious disappearance unclear from where I stand
I watch for smoke and mirrors; I watch for sleight of hand
She takes a breath and settles; laughs quickly and denies
Before my words are ready, before my very eyes

In a fleeting moment her face still grieves and yearns
The lady vanishes, the child returns

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