Monday, 21 January 2008

A reminder...

...back up your computer files regularly.
You'll be sorry if you don't.

I know I am!


MMP said...

Oh my!
Oh no.

Disillusioned said...


I'm hoping most of the data in my 5+ years genealogy (of an obscure surname) has been automatically recovered.
However, I know some was lost in transfer...
And with it having 7000+ entries, checking it against partial backups will be quite a task!

Deb said...

I learned this the hard way. I lost my 500 page manuscript because I didn't back it up the last time I made an edit. Luckily I had mailed myself a copy of the file on another email address.

I started using a flashdrive now and a portable hard drive. I highly recommend both for backing up data.

Good post!!!

Disillusioned said...

Thanks deb.

Ironically it really was just the night before last that i thought, "Must do a backup" and resolved to do it...
I have sections of the file saved (different family lines) but the last backup is about 6 months old.
I have previously backed up on CD but now have an 80G external hard drive - but... conflicting demands got in the way. Hopefully all is recoverable, but it is a frustration - and maybe others will be prompted by my post.

Gives me something to do, checking the data! All of the information exists in other electronic forms - just not in the one coherent organised file!