Thursday, 6 December 2007

The final response

Came today.

I asked that the following issues (which, you may recall, minutes of my previous meeting promised to address) were addressed:

The way the complaint made in July 2007 had been handled by the Complaints team at BLPT
The fact that two letters were signed off and sent to CC which were insensitive and damaging to CC’s mental health;
The circumstances leading up to the complaint, where CC requested but was not offered a replacement care co-ordinator to cover her regular care co-ordinator who was away from work due to sickness;
The provision made to cover the absence of SH (CPN)
CC felt she had been discriminated against because she made an earlier complaint in 2005; she felt that additional evidence of this was in previous breaks in care when SH was absent and when MM her previous care co-ordinator, terminated support without discussing this with CC or informing her;
The absence in the clinical notes of key discussions held between CC and care co-ordinators
The absence of the annotated copy of her Care Plan which CC signed and returned to MG;
Why CC was not offered a copy of her care plan when she requested it;

CB will attach notes to the earlier complaint response letters to indicate that these are superseded by her response. (Has this happened? )
CB will ensure that those involved in the handling of CC’s complaint are made aware of her findings and of the effect of their actions on CC. (Has this happened? )
SS and CB will examine the clinical case notes for CC to audit and evaluate the standard of record keeping, and assess the validity of what is in the clinical record.(Has this happened? )

So, how many of these do you think were addressed?

I got an apology for the fact that my support was disrupted when MM decided not to be my care coordinator any more.

I got an apology that I was not sent a copy of my care plan and that the reasons for this were not explained to me.

Along with the acknowledgement that there had been a breakdown in care and communication was the statement that, "there is no evidence of this being associated in any way with your previous complaint. " Interesting that, the absence of evidence proves that there was no discrimination. Err... who was in charge of producing written evidence here? That would be the same people who failed to record meetings with me, and who failed to record the reasons why MM abandoned me. An additional revealing comment here might be, "If any of our member of staff were found guilty of such an offence, this would be gross misconduct and would lead to the temporary dismissal of the individual. "

I also got a reiteration that yes, I should have been sent the documents I requested, but again this was not discrimination. No, no answers to the questions I asked.

And a suggestion taht if I am not satisfied I can go to the health care commission.

So, an honest question here. How many of the things I asked them to address did they address?

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mandy lifeboats appeal said...

"The final response". Sounds like a film title (with an apocalypse theme).

Could be just how I am picking things up but the way I am reading things there is a level of dominant daddying going on. Not all daddies are good daddies!

For what it is worth, I would say contact The Healthcare Commission. It is another layer of the system and so I am automatically sceptical of how much independance there is. The system does what the system wants and mostly it serves itself but should this go to the media (any arms of it which care), or organisation's outside the domination of the government. It, I think, will show that you followed procedures...went down the avenues that are supposed to resolve problems and complaints...and that didn't work.

You never know, The Healthcare Commission might just actually help you. I know, sometimes I am just down right crazy. Make that most times.

Good luck