Thursday, 29 November 2007

Messages from CEO of BLPT

Message 1:
"The purpose of the meeting is to ... understand how best to take forward your complaint under the NHS procedure..."

Message 2:
"Please rest assured that no decision will be taken about your care or complaint."

Am I just being extra dense here or do these two messages contradict each other?


MMP said...

You are not being dense

But in 'managing potentially difficult situations speak'...they do not conflict.

At this point we know it's a waste of time trying to understand them....but wouldn't the Plain English Society be able to help?

MMP said...

Oh and hugs.

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

I think that often the managers (as in humans, underneath all the layers of conditioning) that work in the NHS get caught up in bureaucratic webs. Alot of which they make for themselves.

If they can't make head nor tail of the policies and procedures they develop....with heavy pressure from other government bodies..How the hell are laypeople (other humans) supposed to know what they are on about?

Then again, maybe that is another game they enjoy playing.

It is called 'Confuse Everyone Into Compliance'. Can I ask the audience or shall I phone me lawyer?

Let me know how that meeting that is about you, without you, goes.


Disillusioned said...

You're making an assumption there, Mandy - that someone will tell me how it went. That would break a lot of precedents.