Friday, 9 November 2007

Message to Bedfordshire and Luton Mental Health Trust

Stop telling me you are listening to service users if you are not going to bother to reply to queries sent to your Communications department, the Trust Board, Directors - or most (it seems) of the people I try in vain to contact.

Stop promising me weekly updates on my complaint which never materialise.

Don't ask me to download a nomination form for effective teams from your website when the form cannot be downloaded because your link is wrong.

Stop wondering why service users give you a low rating when management staff refer to one such user as "that woman" and another member of management forwards that description on to said user.

I'm ready to give up now. Please can I jump ship? You win.


Rainbow dreams said...

hugs and love Caroline, sorry it's being so hellishly tough for you for so long... hugs, x

Caroline said...

Thank you Katie....

marcella said...

They haven't won. We all know their failings because YOU have outlined them so eloquently here and also to them as well. If you need to concentrate on you for the moment rather than on fighting them, that's fine. It means that they haven't crushed you - that you can move on despite all the cr*p they've dealt you. Take care.

MMP said...

A time will come, when BLMHT is not even a cloud on your distant horizons.
That time will come.

Until then, take care and know that people rate you as amazing.

Caroline said...

thank you all. it's hard to believe at the moment. am trying, please believe i am trying. trying as hard as i can, but from where i am right now trying is too much