Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Meeting? What meeting?

the date suggested to me for the meeting (after I have, once more, chased up the lack of reply) is October 25th.

Yes, that's right, one month from yesterday. No, they don't seem to be able to arrange for two members of their staff to meet with me on any one of the 10 earlier dates I have suggested.

Yes, that will mean that BLPT has had my complaint for 15 weeks. No, they have not responded appropriately to that complaint within the last 15 weeks.

Yes, I followed the guidelines in submitting my complaint.
No, they haven't followed their own complaints policy in the way they have dealt with that complaint.

Yes, they will have had my reply to their response for nearly twice as long as is suggested within the nhs guidelines (9 weeks). Yes, that's the reply they should have answered within 25 days. No, they haven't answered it.

I'm feeling signs of anxiety again, struggling to sleep again. Not sure I can cope with waiting that long. I really feel like giving up and giving in, just stopping the whole process.


marcella said...

Whether the delays are part of a strategy to put you off, or as seems more likely to me, just symptomatic of people who couldn't organise the proverbial in a brewery, please don't loose sleep over THEIR problems. They are the ones who should be having sleepless nights.

MMP said...

I'm with Marcella on assuming the delay is nothing other than disorganisation Writ Large.
Very much doubt it's personal.

They are the one who unfortunately will be having sleepness nights.
It's can be alarming and infuriating being held to account like this. All good empathic stuff tho...
( you could submit a training budget for providing it every year or so to check their systems!)