Thursday, 27 November 2008

BLPT minutes

From the latest minutes. My comments in red.
The trust has lost more staff than it has gained

Maybe this could go some way to explaining the gap in provision?
Is it a failure to retain, a failure to recruit, a failure to try to recruit?

With all the talk of saving money, I have to wonder.
For my part, it feels like services have suffered.

Oh, and no, I haven't heard anything about a new care coordinator. Not that I am surprised. Promises by BLPT seem to mean very little, and it's only 5 weeks since I was promised someone would contact me very soon.


marcella said...

"very soon" seems to be a very moveable feast when it comes to mental health care trusts. Apparently we are about to find out when "in due course" is - if it;s before Christmas then it will mean one course of action, if after another but as yet we don't know - only been waiting for this appointment for six months so I suppose it won't hurt to wait for a bit longer..

Disillusioned said...

Unfortunately it does hurt, doesn't it. It hurts those of us who have to struggle on - or support others who are struggling on.
Mind you, I suppose the opposite is true for the mental health trusts - the delays help them, by saving them money.

Polar Bear said...

I know that my CMHT has trouble retaining staff. Not sure it is a geographical problem, but seems endemic to the mental health occupation.

I know lots of CPNs who have come and gone. They never stay very long.