Monday, 2 June 2008

BLPT Performance report for April

Online (and accessible!) here.
The Experience of the Patients and Support in the Community targets are both at red because the results of both targets are dependent on the National Service User Survey. The Trust has performed comparatively poorly in this survey in previous years and the early indications are that the Trust will perform poorly this year as well (full publication of the results is embargoed until July).
So, despite the fact that the purpose (I presume) of BLPT is to serve those in Bedfordshire and Luton with mental health issues, patients reporting to the Healthcare Commission Surveys are not happy with the support they are receiving.
The solution?:
Senior doctors in the Trust will be working actively with GPs to discharge service users from secondary services back to primary care where continuing input from dedicated mental health professionals is no longer necessary.
Hope they get it right!


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi C

Have been to the link. Hmmmmm.....and seen the 2 red lights.

Am I living in a parallel world? Well, yes I am but another parallel world? One in which it isn't really that important if service users are unhappy with the services provided?

I find it all thoroughly disheartening..particularly considering my present state.

Am too gutted to write more.

marcella said...

I bet that will be popular with the GPs (not!) - still they don't care, this way they can decimate their services, save money and reduce the possible number of complaints at the same time.

Disillusioned said...

Sorry you feel disheartened, Mandy. It does seem that service users are far from being the top priority though.

Marcella, I am sure you are right on all counts. It will also (they believe) improve their HCC service user survey results.