Monday, 26 May 2008

Foundation Trust status (BLPT)

I've contacted a variety of organisations re BLPT's recent indication that they are considering paying a company to recruit Foundation Trust supporters for them. These include the East of England Strategic Health Authority, Bedfordshire PCT, Monitor, and Paul Mullin (CEO) and Alison Davis (Trust Chair) at BLPT.

I wonder whether any of them will be able to tell me whether additional funding is available for the Foundation trust bid, or whether the money spent is coming from that allocated for Service Users.


marcella said...

It makes me wonder who the friendly ladies with clip boards were who tried to recruit me as a member of our foundation trust. In a way I hope they WERE a private market research company, as I sure as heck wouldn't want any trained mental health workers wasting their time wandering round the precinct with clip boards when they could be helping patients instead. Hmmmm - the whole Foundation Trust thing stinks in my humble opinion. The clinicians don't want it, the patients don't want it. According to Cherie Blair the present Prime Minister didn't want it. So why are we all hurtling towards it anyway?

Disillusioned said...

So why are we all hurtling towards it anyway?
I have no idea, Marcella.

The people who approached you are probably paid by your Trust to recruit members. I recently found a document produced for one potential Foundation trust estimating the costs of making a bid to be £500K. I hope to find out the costs for my Trust - that sort of money could make a real difference to service users and their families.