Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Another stupid day

Went in to work.

Taught all day.

Lost part of my non contact.

Straight from teaching to Parents' evening - so I worked from 8.30 am through to 6.45pm today.

Then from that to elder daughter's school for her concert.

Home at 10pm.

And husband is unhappy because he has to go in to the school I work in and where younger daughter is to talk about the bullying she is experiencing at the moment. But I can't do it right now. I just can't.


mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi D

After the previous days you have had at work and how that (and the actions or non actions of others) made you feel ..... I am going to put passive aggressive in regards to other people's behaviour towards you. Hope that makes sense but if not will explain more of my view... if and when you want me to.

Anyway...get to point Lawrence..and the point is you done more than enough today. I hope somewhere inside you can acknowledge how well you did.

so when you write there is something you just can't do, then that is fair enough and those closest to you should be able to understand that. Not that they do...people can be pre-occupied with what they are doing or want to do and then if you can't click into that they get a bit neggy...and sometimes it can be turned back on you..and be one more thing to beat yourself up over.

Hope you don't let it because you have done so well.

I would have been back in the wardrobe with teddy. In fact, I wouldn't have left the wardrobe all weekend.


MMP said...

Praying for moments of "oh wow!" to burst in on you ,
pods of happiness wouldn't come amiss right now.

Wouldn't it be lovely if something like that dangled off trees as we went past....

Kathryn said...

No you can't. Quite definitely.
There are limits and you are pushing yourself very close to them.
Love adn prayers for an easier day today - and for peace at home too xxx

Disillusioned said...

Mandy, thank you for your wise words. I like the idea of being in the wardrobe with teddy - am hankering after that tonight myself...

mmp, had a few "pods of happiness" come my way today - thank you for praying them along.

Kathryn, thanks for the reminder that it's OK to give in and not do it all. Have been trying to for so long..