Monday, 18 February 2008

Working at it...

My mood has since my optimistic points of last week. Have used my new short Wrap to try to check up on myself, and to take the needed steps.

Reasons for the dip are plenty. PMT has a lot to answer for. Combined with the end of the holidays it wasn't going to be a good recipe for peaceful (and much needed) sleep, and so a return to the Zopiclone has taken place - it's better than the alternative. Today probably (!) didn't help; hopefully tomorrow will. I need to avoid the atmosphere of negativity in the staffroom if I can - it drags me down. I need to look on it as an opportunity to catch up on the backlog of marking - if I can find somewhere quiet to work, I should be able to get through a lot of marking, which would be a very good thing. I think making a "To Do" list will be a priority first thing, along with sourcing that quiet working place. Filing would be another useful task and would, I think, help me to feel a lot more in control. It will be a long day; I have to stay around the school area until 5pm, as E has an after school Science session.

Tonight I am going to try to relax, and also to do some self nurturing. Have one of my CDs on (loud!) and am going to catch up on emails and maybe some genealogy.

Noticing lots of new visitors here - please feel free to post a note in the comments; it would be good to know some new names and would give me a boost too. Previous visitors also please feel free to say hi...!


The Shrink said...

As requested, saying "Hi!" since I'm still reading daily 8)

mandy lifeboats appeal said...

Hi, from me too, D

Hope you are managing to relax down from your first day back.

I am in better spirits than I was ealier...such is the ever changing mood of a Rapidly Cycling (downhill) Bipolar.

Also I need to acknowledge that getting up, early for me, after a dismal night... to go to meetings, in place that freaks the pants off, me is not a good start to a day. And I need to review what I do about the ward meetings in future. Maybe I should do alternate weeks and ask if they could book Dad in for the last appointment of the morning. That will cut me some slack and also allow the loz to kick in. Hoping that will prevent further flaps in taxis.

Also looking at advocacy and getting support from MH professional to travel with me. Do you think that is too much to ask? Maybe it is in a service strapped for cash (or preferring to spend it on rubbish protocols, procedures and paperwork. That would make a good title for a poem. Will put that in mental pending file for another time.

Anyway, rambling here. Let me know any techniques/tools you have put into practise.

I got that inflatable peanut ball today. Is quite good for my spine and fun to roll about on. Yes, I got to play a bit today. Hoorah!

Maybe I should write a thesis on the therapeutic merits of the peanut ball...there's money to be made in daft theories. Or so I have heard.


Disillusioned said...

Hi Shrink; thanks for saying hi and for reading. Am enjoying reading at your blog too.

Mandy, thanks. Glad things are better now. I wouldn't have thought asking someone to go with you to a meeting would be too much. If they are sharing your taxi the only real cost is their time. I like your ideas for managing the problems caused by your dad's ward meetings. Sounds good, especially the idea about asking for his to be the last appointment of the morning. Would it help (an idea I have tried) to have something to listen to and focus on during the taxi ride? A relaxation tape maybe, or an audio book? Sometimes distraction can help for me. Other times (like last night) I have to reach for the Valium.

Getting ready to go to a student free school today. Hope I can clear some of my ownpersonal backlog.