Tuesday, 6 November 2007


This small white disc, they say
Holds the solution.
Tiny as it is, it can rebalance my life,
dot the "i"s,
cross the "t"s
(and maybe solve world hunger too).

Would you believe them
If you were me?


marcella said...

Hmmmm- you're probably asking the wrong person here. I've supplied it to too many people (I just can't get through to anyone who might be helpful just how uncomfortable I feel as a "supplier" but that's another matter) who've been too knocked out on it, to give a reasonable answer but I am assured by some pretty reasonable doctors that it's OK stuff. What does your GP say? He sounds a good person to trust.

Caroline said...

he says i need it.
i feel maybe i need it but i don't want to need it and i don't like what it does to me.
i feel bad that i need it.
i want an answer that says there is something else.

i don't like its labels and i don't like its side effects and i am not convinced it actually does any more good than just waiting for all this to get better would.

And I really resent the fact that the actions of one CMHT have led to me feeling this way.

sally said...

I know. I have been told to take them too. I am resisting at the moment....but they do have a place in helping people get well....

MMP said...

hugs....and cocoa...and a soft blanket.
will pray...for wisdom to fall

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

not sure i have any clue in truth.....all i know is that for the first time in my life i have had to take medication.....and i confess it's helped....

Rainbow dreams said...

I don't know much at all... but I have spoken to many people who have found the right medication does help, that most times it's not for ever, it's what they need just for then, for whatever reason.

I do know for sure that noone should feel bad that they need it, x

marcella said...

Just a thought - have you tried this website message board to talk it over? It's mainly American like most of these things, but not entirely. http://www.moodgarden.org/forum/
You might get some feedback from those who've actually taken the stuff.
As a fellow victim of PTIF (Partnership Trust Induced Fury) I know what you mean about resenting the fact that YOU have to consider medication because of THEIR actions. The way I've squared it for ME is to think that if I had whiplash after a car crash I'd need the painkillers whether I'd been the driver at fault or a totally innocent passenger of an accident caused by the other car. It works for me!

Caroline said...

Thanks all.

I didn't make it clear - this will be the third set of medicines I'll be taking to attack my depression. I'm already on an ssri (citalopram), a tricyclical (trazodone) and now this third, albeit at a low dose. I've taken it before and yes, it has worked - but it also makes me pile on the pounds, and having lost two stone (after coming off this med just under a year ago) I just don't want to be on it.