Tuesday, 30 October 2007

So far...

..so - well, good and not so good, I guess.

I've enjoyed my teaching today and think I have done a good job, for the most part. Even though I was planning lessons 4 and 5 during my non-contact lesson, lesson 2. Even though the pupils were, at times, noisy ( mostly because they were excited and interested and enthusiastic).

The support assistant working with me in one lesson today was encouraging and positive.

The scores my Year 8 pupils are achieving in their spelling tests are improving, and it is starting to carry through to their written work.

I got Y6 pupils to set up a (simple!) database in Access.

But I didn't (yet again) make it to the Body Balance class, and have decided I may just have to see it as a bonus if I ever do make it. Elder daughter is doing an extra after school science class, and that makes it practically impossible to collect her, collect younger daughter from her friend's house, get home, get changed and get across town for a 6pm start.

I'm also exhausted. Physically, mentally, emotionally. No matter what time I go to bed, I'm finding it hard to get to sleep and remain asleep, despite the sleeping tablets.

Good talk with my CPN yesterday. We had a good opportunity to talk through what I can do when I get into a state of anxiety. I put it into practice again today.

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MMP said...

Hope your little darlin's are behaving themselves....